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What are the minimum System Requirements to use Grammarup?
Windows 95 (or newer) IE 5.5 (or newer) Cookies enabled Javascript enabled 800 x 600 display Flash 5 plugin


How do I login?
Use the USERNAME and PASSWORD provided to you by Grammarup to login on the homepage.
How do I get started?
Once you have logged in, click on CLASSES to set up your classes. The next step is to click on STUDENTS to create the classes. Once classes and students have been added, teachers may select grammar exercises for those classes by clicking on ASSIGNMENTS.
How do I set up a class?
1) Click on CLASSES. 2) Assign a date - 2004 will be the default, 2005 is also available for future assignments. 3) Assign class name. Example: English II,1st Period, AP English III, 4th Period. 4) Click on ADD.
How do I add students to my classes?
1) Click on STUDENTS. 2) Select desired Class. 3) Click on NEW STUDENTS. 4) Complete student information. When selecting PASSWORDS you have two options. Grammarup will automatically create passwords when you click on Generate Random Passwords, or you may enter passwords of your choice. 5) Click on ADD. When students have been entered into the class, you may print out a listing of names and passwords by selecting STUDENT LIST. Once in the Grammarup system, students may change their passwords to ones more familiar to them. This change will be registered and will appear on subsequent printed student lists.
How do I assign exercises?
1) Click on ASSIGNMENTS. 2) Click on New Assignments. 3) Select the Class. 4) Select Exercise from scroll down list. 5) Select Assignment Due Date. 6) Select Time Limit in minutes, 0 for no time limit. 7) Select "yes" or "no" on option to show score to student. 8) Click on ADD.
How do I review current assignments?
1) Click on ASSIGNMENTS. 2) Select Class. All exercises currently assigned to that class will be displayed, listing due dates and designated time limits.
How do I review completed assignments?
1) Click on COMPLETED ASSIGNMENTS. 2) Select Class. A list of exercises, will appear that shows student name, date exercise was completed, time taken to complete exercise, and score. 3) Select Student and Exercise you want to review. 4) Click on RESULTS. Exercise will come up with missed answers highlighted in red. Chart showing possible correct answers, student's correct answers and analysis is provided. Example: Figurative Language exercises require students to identify Hyperboles, Metaphors, Onomatopoeias, Personifications and Similes. If a student correctly answered 9 out of 10 questions on metaphors, the anwer percentage would be 90%. If a student missed 4 out of 5 questions pertaining to similes, the answer percentage would be 20%. This information will help the teacher see at a glance which skills the student has mastered, as well as areas that need further instruction.
How do I delete an assignment?
1) Click on ASSIGNMENTS. 2) Select Class. 3) Click on Assignment to be deleted. 4) "Check to Delete" check mark will appear. 5) Click on Delete.
How do I change the due date on assignments?
1) Click on ASSIGNMENTS. 2) Open Assignment to be corrected. 3) Change date. 4) Click on Update.
How do I delete an individual student name and login from the system?
How do I delete an entire class from the system?
How is the Glossary used?
The Glossary, listed in alphabetical order, provides definitions of terms used in Literary Analysis. To use, students click on Glossary in the upper right hand corner of the exercise screen, and scroll down the list to the term in question.


I lost my password. What do I do?
If your teacher set you up using an email address, you can use the FORGOT PASSWORD on the homepage. If you are not setup with email, you must contact your teacher.
How do I know what my assignments are?
When you log in, your current assigments will be displayed, listing dute dates and time limits.
How do I complete the assignments?
Click on exercise to be completed. Answer questions by clicking on the circle to the left of your desired answer. When you have answered all questions, click on Submit. Note: If an incomplete exercise is submitted, the questions left unanswered will appear in red. Answer the remaining questions and resubmit the exercise.
What if I want to change an answer?
To change an answser, simply click on the new answer choice, and the new answer will automatically register, replacing your prior choice.
What if I don't know the meaning of an answer choice in literary analysis?
Click on Glossary in the upper right hand corner of the exercise screen. The Glossary, listed in alphabetical order, will provide definitions of literary analysis terms.